Abhishek Sharma


Abhishek Sharma, born and brought up in Delhi. From his child hood days he was fascinated by the activities of lord Krishna. He had a great interest in expressing his feelings through the medium of drawing from the early stages of life. Abhishek Sharma had a major inclination towards Indian classical music and always believed that Music can really transform a person and takes them to a total new world.

In 2002 he joined National Institute Of Fashion Technology. He graduated from the Fashion College in year 2005. Through out his journey he gained various experiences and skill, which made him move towards various goals in life. His Love for Krishna kept him grounded. In year 2008 after his visit to Vrindavan he decided to express his emotions in the form of Lord Krishna paintings.

He derives his inspiration from the melodies of Meera Bai, which is dipped in the emotional bliss of the love for Krishna. He believes that the energy that travels and take you through different stages in life. Life is not just what we see and know, it’s actually apart of the eternal journey of our soul.

Playing his part he continues to drive the eternal bliss from the Krishna paintings he does. He more often than less finds himself drawn towards the festivity of life, celebrations that take place every day in various corners of this culturally rich country, India.

May we all be pure and innocent to be able to receive the shower of the blessings from the Lord. “May we all hear the unsaid, may we all reach our home.”

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